Back at it

Hello dear readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and I apologize for that. Towards the end of my summer internship, I had two good friends from university come visit me in Hong Kong. Those three weeks were hectic, full of tourist activities and three of the best weeks of my summer. It is always a wonderful feeling to show friends my home town, how I grew up and why I rave about HK all day and night long. I think they understood.

I came back to Boston early September after a few days stop in New York and spent time with a special friend. I had a good weekend full of discussions, adjustments and even got to see some old high school friends. Though I enjoyed new York and wish I could be there more often, it is good to be back in Boston though.

School started just over a week ago. Classes thankfully have not started to get too busy yet, only reading so far. It has given me a chance to get everything else sorted, internships, sports, etc.

I am interning at Hostelling International in Boston this semester as a campus outreach intern. Our goal is to connect Emerson community with the Hostel community. Im honored to work there and hope that I will be able to contribute a good deal to the organization. Who would’ve thought i would work for a hostel? It’s a huge blessing and I thank God for that.

Quid ditch is starting up again, it will be busy but very exciting. I look forward to having more updates in the coming weeks to share with you. For now, enjoy your weekend!


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