My favorite summer activity in HK: Junk boat trips

It doesn’t matter how bad of a week I’m having, there’s always one thing that can cheer my up and make my summer back in Hong Kong totally worth it (on top of my family that is). That’s going out at sea on a junk boat trip, away from the city, to deserted islands where all you can see is mountains, beaches and the ocean. There’s nothing more calming than floating out at sea being reminded of God’s creation of nature.

This past Sunday was July 1st, the 15th anniversary of the day Hong Kong got handed over from Britain to China. The weather the past few weeks have been crappy, topping it with a typhoon just this past Friday. I didn’t have high hopes for the weather on Sunday but it was absolutely incredible.. as you can tell from the photos below. (none of the photos were edited or filtered, the last photo taken with Photosynth… a great panorama-taking app)

The weather and the scenery was breath-taking. Thanks to my friend and his family for inviting me on this beautiful boat for a day with a birthday celebration, wakeboarding, meeting new friends, drinking, topped with amazing food. I’ve been back to Hong Kong for just under two months and already attended 4 junk trips. I have 4 more currently booked before I leave at the end of August. I can hardly hold my excitement.

If you’re having a tough time with whatever you’re going through, drop everything you have to do, take a break and find something that will make you forget everything and smile. No matter how hard things are, God will always be there with you- you just have to look around and you’ll find Him.

 God looked over everything he had made;
      it was so good, so very good!- Genesis 1:31

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