I had a wild dream

A few days ago, I had a wild dream: not when I was sleeping but during the day when I was sitting at my internship wondering what I want to do with my life knowing I could not stand to sit in an office cubicle wearing professional clothing, staring at a computer screen all day long.

Photo props to Fumi Kamigama

Perhaps its a matter of tolerance, a matter of not giving up when things get difficult or uncomfortable, or perhaps it’s simply not the environment for me. I will admit it is a mixture of both reasons. After many years, I do realize that I have a tendency to give up when I get frustrated, and move on to the next thing but this feels a bit different; or at least I’m trying to tell myself so.

I thought to myself, what would be a career where I could talk to people, dress like myself, be in a place I feel comfortable at and still earn money? My mind automatically turned to my recent topic of interest that I like to share with others and something I constantly find myself researching online- then I realized, and this dream began to form. It’s brilliant.

That’s the thing about dreams. They aren’t real. They haven’t come true yet, and it takes dedication and time to make a dream come true. People say you need to suffer hardships and force yourself to do what you don’t like to do sometimes to succeed. I whole hardheartedly agree but imagine if you were suffering through hardships that you actually secretly enjoyed doing?

So here I am, sitting in an office where the air conditioning is cranked up as cold as it would be in Alaska, where I feel uncomfortable to speak my mind or ask questions because of the cultural barriers, where I’m staring at a computer screen doing who knows what, day dreaming about what the future could be, what one day would be as soon as I take that step towards my dream.

Till then, I’ll be dreaming and planning, all in the private of my thoughts. Till the day I reach that goal, this dream of mine will remain a secret to the readers of Stuck In A Pincushion.

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