The reason behind the name

In the midst of revamping this page, I began to think of a more relevant blog title. That then lead to a curiosity of why it was named “Stuck in a pincushion” in the first place. I wish I could give you a cool story or a charming reason but I really can’t… perhaps if I let this curiosity sink in my head for a few days I’ll remember.

I also can’t think of a title that is professional, quirky and smart that will represent who I am and the life I lead. Please comment if you have any idea, I’ll definitely take them into consideration. Although the more I think about it, Stuck In A Pincushion has kind of grown on me.

It’s got an ironic taste to it. I’m not stuck anywhere and I do not wish to be stuck. As a matter of fact, I’m the total opposite, I’m always on the go whether it be going to meet friends, family vacations or traveling to various adventures. SO maybe that’s why. Maybe I like the contrast between the title and the tag line.

I think I’ll keep it for now. What do you think of it? For those who know me personally, what do you think and how do you think it represents and relates to me?

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