Back in Hong Kong


I arrived back home two nights ago. It’s wonderful to see my family again but it’s a bit odd otherwise being back. I love this city and it was gorgeous yesterday but it’s a change in lifestyle and I’ve got to adapt to it again.

I do know that this summer is going to be different than before though. There will be less partying due to a busier schedule with work, keeping up a healthy lifestyle, spending time with family and learning to drive.

I will admit I do miss The Ninja Fort, Boston, and friends.

Published by Joanne Lam

Hong Kong//Toronto Level 2 Personal Trainer Toronto Data Analytics - The Chang School Ryerson University

One thought on “Back in Hong Kong

  1. it looks so beautiful there, from the pictures i’ve seen. the ninja fort misses you too! it’s not sure what to do with someone who doesn’t know how to make chinese food =P

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