IRIE MAN! Runaway Bay, Jamaica

“Irie” is Jamaican for great. 

According to a friend, I have a serious addiction of traveling. It’s never been said that way but that is true. I’m sorry for missing a week of school, I’m sorry for being a terrible Quidditch captain and missing three practices in a row, and I’m sorry for not being in Boston but I’m chilling with my mum and relatives in Jamaica. Everyone has different priorities in life and traveling is mine. 

Jamaica’s weather is not as hot as I wish it could be but I guess it is winter here at the moment still. It’s pretty chilly and windy, especially at night. I’m still getting my tan on as the sun comes and goes during the day. I’m being careful as to not burn myself too terribly unlike every other time I’m on a trip to a resort. The food is surprisingly really good, with a variety of choices at every meal. Jamaican rum is fantastic. I can’t get enough rum and coke. 

Speaking of drinking, I’ve been drinking my fair share every day and even my mum’s share. She’s sick so can’t consume too much alcohol, though she has had a few drinks even while taking medicine. I’m proud of her. Maybe the alcohol will be the cure. Drinking this whole week starts at 11 in the morning after a morning gym session and doesn’t end till 2am when I go to sleep. I’m building up my tolerance pretty well. Image

Credits to my mum for this photo. It’s so incredibly calming and peaceful. Being here with family, listening to the sounds of the ocean and all the tourists having a good time with each other reminds me that life is more than school, work and all the things we stress over. Its God’s reminder of his creation, of Adam and Eve and how important family is. I haven’t seen my mum since last summer and it’s been fantastic seeing her the last few weeks. I’m really looking forward to this summer when my brother and I will both be home with my mum and dad. 

Oh, I’ve got to run. It’s dinner and wine time. 

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2 thoughts on “IRIE MAN! Runaway Bay, Jamaica

  1. you really enjoy your trip in Jamiaca. i wish i have been there, but i do think we will have a good chance to go there or similar resort next year when you and kevin finish college by then.

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