My personality captured in photos

First of all, did wordpress have an update? I like the fact that the new post just appears on the top as a frame while I can still look at the rest of my blog! Cool.

Secondly, I can’t believe it’s March. I guess it’s not so hard to believe since we didn’t start this semester until almost mid January, but still… in about 2 and a half months, I’ll be home in Hong Kong starting my internship and enjoying the HK lifestyle again. The last month have been really busy, as you can see from my previous post (and if you haven’t read it, you SHOULD), I went to New York for a night, and went to see my brother in Philadelphia for a long weekend. My mum and aunt just arrived to Boston for the weekend so I’ll be showing them around and spending some time with them. It’s quite exciting having my mum finally see my house and life here, although I am pretty sad there aren’t any Quidditch things this weekend. I wish she could watch me play.

Enough about me, here are a few photos my good friend took of me for her photo project. They’re brilliant and represent my life pretty accurately. She’s a great photographer, great work out buddy, and a great friend all in all. This semester would not have been the same without her. (and here’s my subtle plug to get her to come visit me in HK this summer)


and while you’re at it, check out her new website!


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