Green Day American Idiot Broadway (Boston)

I haven’t seen a broadway musical in a long time which is unfortunate. I guess I never really spend the time looking for musicals to go to in Boston even though I am right in the middle of theater district but when I heard that American Idiot was coming to Boston, I knew I had to go see it. I’ve seen Green Day live in concert and it’s phenomenal. Billie Joe is absolutely brilliant and the concert atmosphere is something to die for.

I’ve heard good things about this musical and I was very intrigued in how they were going to make these green day songs into a show with a plot. After paying an arm and a leg for a ticket to the musical tonight, I have to say I am impressed and it was well worth it. The cast is fantastic, brilliant singers, dancers and has a great stage presence. The plot also went beyond my expectations, granted I didn’t have too much to start off with.

It was almost like a concert, there was not too many dialogues in the show which makes is very unique and different from other musicals. It makes it harder because the cast has to not only use the song but also their performance on stage to bring out the characters and the story. It was just over 2 hours and they sang 21 songs in total. Some newer, some older, some songs mashed together brilliantly as well.

The interview and video clip above touches upon some of the thoughts I have about the show and explains quite clearly the impact the production for this musical has on different types of audiences. It’s quite incredible how they turned a rock punk band into a unique performance. As Toronto Star calls it, this is “the first great musical of the 21st century!”

With that being said, it still has no comparison to the Green Day concert I had the opportunity to go to a few years ago in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo. That concert left my ears ringing for days.

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