Back in the groove of school

Second semester junior year. Where did all the time go? Three years ago, I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as a teacher assistant for first grade. Two years ago, I was here in Boston enjoying my first winter with snow. A year ago, I was in the little town of Well in the Netherlands living in a 14th century castle and traveling around Europe. Now here I am, my second winter in Boston. It’s cold, and I forgot what it was like to live in the snow but thankfully it hasn’t been a bad winter at all.

Yesterday was the first day it’s really snowed all day and fortunately, I had nothing to do so I hibernated at home which is one of my favorite things to do now! I am in love with my apartment and it’s the last weekend I get to relax all day. Quidditch starts up again next weekend and I’m excited, but that means I’ll have to get my ass up and out of the house for practices.

[The view from my kitchen window looking out]

Anyhow, my classes are looking pretty good this semester. They require a ton of reading and paper writing but I’d rather do that than learn nothing at all. My professors are all pretty decent so I’m excited. It should be a good semester academic wise.

One of my goals this semester is also to have more fellowship and start getting involved in Cornerstone Church that I began going to last semester. It’s about a two minute walk from home and it’s really convenient Sundays especially when I have quidditch right afterwards. God is good and has been providing but I need to remember that as much as God is providing, we ourselves have to take those extra steps to grow closer to Him and people around us.

I pray that I continue to grow in faith and I can be a joyful witness to everyone around me.


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