Interesting course load, terrible teaching.

It’s hard to believe it’s October although it feels like I’ve been back in Boston for way longer than a month. Within the last month I’ve moved into an off campus apartment, cooked some meals for myself, played a few Quidditch games, and attended classes. Life has definitely picked up here in Boston and my days past sometimes as if I have  no time to breathe. I can’t complain though, at least I’ve gotten 6+ hours of sleep so far a night.

Many times reality exceeds our expectation, and sometimes it is the opposite of what we expect. This is the case with my course load this semester. As soon as I picked my classes a few months ago, there was only one class I was looking forward to and ironically, that is one of my worse classes out of the four. Don’t get me wrong, the material is interesting. I’ve always enjoyed Psychology but the professor really makes or breaks a class. Three out of four of my professors are one of the worse teachers I’ve ever had. Not only do they blabber on about nothing in class, they don’t go through what is taught in the textbook either. Such is life. Hopefully midterms and finals will not be similar to what their teaching style is.

On the other hand, the one class I was least looking forward to turns out to be my favorite class. My professor is energetic, interesting and my classmates are all strung on energy constantly. Although the class requires me to stand in front of the class and do oral presentation of literatures, the encouragement from my peers and professor comforts me and pushes me to my limit.

With that being said, I’m still enjoying junior year of college. Quidditch is hectic but it’s worth it in the end. I’m meeting new friends, learning to lead a team of 38 players and continuing to prepare physically for the Quidditch World Cup in New York in November.

I miss my family in Hong Kong, I miss the heat, I miss my friends in Hong Kong and all the summer activities I could’ve continued doing (aka. junk trips and wake boarding!) but the grass is always greener on the other side. No matter how much I’d like to be back home or elsewhere besides Boston, I treasure and love all that I have here in Boston.

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