Boston bound

Just a quick update.

I’ve been back in Boston for less than a week now but it feels like I’ve been here for much longer. It’s been good to see friends, go to classes, walk through Emerson facilities and catch up with people I haven’t seen in over half a year. I am living off campus with one of my good friends for the next two years. She was very helpful and kind in looking at the apartment while I was off in Europe for the castle program. We ended up picking a great place and we both love living here. Granted, we have no furniture at the moment and am sitting on the floor doing homework or watching tv but we have cooked. Subsequently, had a candle light dinner on our living room floor.

I am hoping to at least get my room furnished by next week and hopefully the rest of my house semi-furnished in less than a months time. Classes are going to get busy soon, quidditch starts up on Sunday and I’m going to have to start hitting up the gym and basketball court very soon.

September 11 is coming up and I pray for all those in New York and those attending the memorial at ground zero. I know there are rumors and news about another attack for the 10 year anniversary, but I sincerely pray and hope for the safety of everyone and that it will go smoothly as it should.

I’m off to continue watching Fiji play against Namibia in the rugby world cup, to having my Belgian Ale and… surfing the net. Dear readers, I’ll be back. For now, i’ll leave you with what I’ve pretty much got at home right now…

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