Wise words from the Grandma

It seems like months ago when I was walking out of the main castle onto the bridge to watch the swans and ducks mingle, or walking into the OSA office onwards to get some Brie cheese or Stefan’s burritos. Since then, I’ve went to London, Scotland and Ireland. I arrived here in Toronto just over a week ago and frankly, I haven’t done much.

I’ve played badminton once, watched season 4 of Dexter, spent time with my cousins kids and ate many many meals with all my relatives. My aunt keeps asking me whether I want to go shopping or what I want to do, but I really have no plans to do anything. I don’t want to do much either, I wish she understood that. For now, I’m happy sitting at home on the net, reading a book and lazing around.

The last few months was one of the best semesters I’ve ever had, but it was also one of the busiest. I traveled 10 out of 12 weekends. I took 20 train rides, 20 plane rides and 2 bus rides for the weekend excursions. After sight-seeing in most everywhere, I was ready to not have to read about another tourist-must-see-places. My cousin suggested I could take a walking tour of Toronto. Yeah….. No.

The Castle experience was one of which you can’t really talk to others about unless they’ve been through it. Friends and family will ask you how it was, but all you can really say is “good.” Once you start blabbering on about where you went and/or what you did, they space out and stop listening. Either that, or they just keep telling you how lucky you are. I’ve gotten both… I think. I can understand, it’s not that interesting if you haven’t traveled to those places. They all seem so foreign. All I can really do is reflect and smile knowing that through these experiences, I’ve changed and it has expanded my world view.

I was in the car with my grandma today on the way to dinner when my aunt started inquiring about my future plans. I mentioned that my ideal job would be based in Hong Kong with the occasional travel to projects around South East Asia. That’d be brilliant. My grandma then spends the next 20 minutes telling me how I need to be humble, whoever I work for, I need to follow and learn. “Even if you are much better than your boss and your colleagues who have been there for a long time, you still have to pretend to not know anything and learn from them. Do you understand?” she says. 5 minutes later, the same words came out of her mouth. Each time, I nod and smiled.

She is a wise one. Although my grandma and I were never close since I grew up in Hong Kong while she was always here in Toronto, it’s times like these where I know I’ll miss her when she’s gone.

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