Kasteel Well Spring 2011 Music Video

Two weeks before the end of our semester in the Netherlands, a few students decided to write the lyrics and create a music video that will represent our time there. A few days later, there was a production schedule and list of jobs for the shooting of this music video. The day before exams started, this song blasted from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon non stop all around the castle.

I tried to study but the song echoed in my ears and I couldn’t help but sing along. Thank you for everyone involved and Jess for spending so much time editing all the footage that was taken.


I’m so proud to have been a part of this video, part of this semester and to have been part of many many students who had the chance to study in Kasteel Well. I would not have given up anything in exchange for the experience I had the last few months and all the great people I met.

Since we’re on the topic of Castle productions. Check out Beyond The Moat for photos and blogs written by castle students about their travels through out the semester. There are a total of 5 episodes of fun! The following is Episode 4 about a students experience in Barcelona, and a recap of Harry Potter week at the castle. I was one of the blog writers for this production, and I enjoyed it immensely! (I’m in this video too!)


Dank U Wel Kasteel Well Spring 2011! Tot Ziens.


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