Watch the flies!

A total of 18 hours back in Limburg with OSA and Christine was worth every single penny and sweat it took to get back there. I’m sure many castle student will agree with me when I say it was one of the hardest thing to leave the castle and the many new friends we’ve made.

Johnny, Christine, Dojna and I

I left Ireland at 8 in the morning to London. Had an hour change over to check in again and get to boarding from London to Amsterdam. I finally got to AMS at around 2, had to check in my luggage to storage in the airport then hopped on a two and a half hour train ride to Venray. I finally arrived in Venray at 6 PM, ten hours later.

We ate, we drank, we laughed and we had a great night. It was a very carefree night. Sometimes you meet friends that might care for you for a little while, but you know it’s only temporary and then there are some friends you know you can always go back to… these are some of those people.

Rene, me and Johnny (Robbert missing)

If I had to give an advice to future castle students, I’d say: Don’t be afraid to reach out and get to know OSA from the very beginning starting orientation. In fact, PLEASE do! The castle flies by quicker than you think, you’re off traveling more than you realize and by the time you know it, you’ll wish you spent more time with these people- not only OSA but any of the Castle staff. They are all amazing people and would love to just hang out with you.

Dojna being.... Dojna

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