Prague, Czech me out!

It’s currently 1am and I am sitting at the Prague airport camping out until flying to Milan in transit to Madrid in 5 hours. I’m not sure this airport having free wifi is the best idea for me but if I don’t write a post now, I might never do it. There would be too much to tell after a week long holiday.

Friday morning, all the Kasteel students, some of the teachers and three of our staff hopped on a plane to Prague. It was the second of our required academic excursions. The program they had set for us was packed and was set out to be quite tiring: lots and lots of walking. The Czech Republic has a lot of history but I never would have visited here on a weekend trip either by myself or with friends if it wasn’t for school.

The most beautiful thing I saw this weekend is the St. Vitus church in the Prague Castle. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat for the Archbishop. It was the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen from the inside and out. As I stood there listening to Pieter lecture us about the history of this church, I couldn’t stop thinking about hundreds of people standing at this square admiring and worshiping God. The church is from the 13th century and took many years to finish to its current state. Back when they first started constructing it, the surrounding areas were all villagers: and boom, suddenly there is a beautiful and skillfully designed cathedral representing the importance of God and the depiction of heaven and hell for these people at the time. It was impossible for people not to believe in God after seeing this church because the depiction of hell and judgment day was so strong and that it also symbolized wealth (not 100 percent sure on this one)

I wish I had time to go to a service in that church, it would have been fantastic. From all the little details you could see on the outside to the stain glass windows as seen from the inside. It reminded me of the times I had to attend Catholic church because my brother was the alter boy. I hated it, I’m not sure I’ll really enjoy it now but I’ve learnt to appreciate it.

There is definitely much more to be said of Prague and all of its history, beauty and battles that went on but there’s nothing like seeing first hand the streets and the buildings that were used during the Second World War. Besides all the sight seeing we did, we got the chance to cook our own dinners in our hotel apartments. A few friends and I created a feast and it was delicious. I won’t have photos up until next week, but for now, just read!

I’ve been here for three nights thus far and I have probably slept less than ten hours in total. Prague doesn’t have too much of a night party scene, but we managed to find a good spot for some drinks, music and a great atmosphere. We got to know the staff from the Office of Student Affairs as well as the teachers more this trip which is great… to see them outside of an academic setting, and talk about things other than class materials.

Thank you OSA, teachers and the few other leaders that led our tours this weekend. They are all so intellectual, I am extremely lucky to have them as teachers as I go through Europe and learn about the history of what it is the way it is.

The end of academic excursion in Prague. The beginning of Spring Break in Madrid and Barcelona. Fumi Kamigama in about 10 hours. Life’s pretty awesome thus far. As for now… I’m going to get a few hours of sleep before tackling a morning of flights and a full day of activities.

Mom, Dad and Kevin, I miss and love you all!

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