there’s something about biking in the rain

It’s been exactly 5 days here at Kasteel Well although it feels a lot longer. Perhaps in a small town like Well, it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable. Orientation weekend was full of meetings, but we all settled in pretty quickly. If I took one thing out of all those meetings, it’d be theContinue reading “there’s something about biking in the rain”

Im in a Castle, its unreal

When most students go to college, they’re excited to party, drink and have freedom away from the family. When those go to Emerson college, the opportunities to explore and succeed is endless. We arrived in Amsterdam yesterday and rode a 2 hour bus ride into Well, Limburg. On the ride, I found myself looking outContinue reading “Im in a Castle, its unreal”

Here’s to starting blog writing again

READ ME. Okay now that I’ve got your attention. Please save this link on your bookmark, whether it’s one of the main bookmarks or whether you have a sub-group of the many blogs and tumblr sites that you keep track of. In the next few months, I will promise to be better at writing. OneContinue reading “Here’s to starting blog writing again”