thought it was about time

Helloo! So, I really should be heading to be right now but I thought it is about time I update everyone on my life again. It’s been a busy week with homework and studies, but it’s also been good. I’m really liking my classes for the most part and I’m learning lots. Call me a nerd, but I’m really enjoying being back in school- despite all the work it involves.

I went to New Hampshire last weekend with Real Life Boston, the Campus crusade christian fellowship here in Boston. It was a great time away from the city, in the forrest (literally.. i got last on my way back to the cabin quite a few times at night!), in the peacefulness where everywhere I looked I was praising God’s creation. I was able to meet new friends from all over Boston, connect with them and have fellowship. It was my first time out of Boston since I’ve been here, so that was quite nice!

How am I adjusting may you ask? Better. It’s not perfect, but things are slowly getting better. It really takes time. Though the retreat was nice, I left NH a bit confused as to what God wants me to do, why He put me here and why He is putting me through everything He’s putting me through. We learned about living God’s abundant life. in ALL aspects of our life. I can honestly say, I have failed and being humans, we will continue to fail to live God’s full abundant life due to our sins. But it’s good to have a reminder once in a while and reflect on our lives.

I’ve got too much in my mind at the moment to articulate everything I want to say, so I’ll leave that for that next update that will hopefully be this coming long weekend! Thanks for keeping up with my writings.

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