Signs that I’m “not quite back in HK mode”

It’s been a week since I’ve been back and I’m getting a little more use to being back in Hong Kong but not quite there yet. Here are some signs that show the “not quite back in HK mentality” mode…

– multiple times I have made a call to someone in Hong Kong and unconsiously I am aware about the time difference between Cambodia and HK. Little do I then realize I am in HK now and we are in the same time zone!

– by the end of work every day (school hours), I am so tired I feel like I got hit by a train. I get absolutely knackered by 8 or 9pm. I sleep 8+ hours at night but still feel like a train wreck in the morning. I could sleep 6 hours in Phnom Penh and function perfectly fine! I have no idea why…

– I still cross the street without looking at the traffic lights thinking the motos, tuk tuks, and cars will dodge me as they drive.

– when you don’t want to go out and spend any money.. especially when drinks and street noodles were only ONE US dollar on a regular basis.

– when I see any type of motorcycles around town, I just want to wave them down, hop on the back and tell them where to go. Oh and when I want to say “Sum bat sadam or Sum bat chuean” to bus drivers and taxis.

I’m sure there are more, perhaps I will add more as the thoughts come into my head. With all that being said, I am absolutely loving my new flat, the convinence of it all, the view of HK island and the victoria harbor and the enjoyment of being able to sit on my bed staring out the window for hours.

Church has been great. Being back at my home church is such a blessing. Of course being with friends to fellowship with is great but personally being able to listen and sing to the 30 mins worship set every Sunday is my highlight. Music has always been my worship style and I really struggled without solid worship music in Cambodia (Though God did reveal to me other ways of worship while lacking music) but on most weeks, one of my few highlights will be Sunday morning worship when I get to sing our heart out.

Hang on tight… one more day till the weekend!

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