Break me, Teach me, Use me

I’m back in Phnom Penh from my week holiday back home in HK… just started work today again. My holiday at home was great, it flew by and by the time I realized.. I was jumping on a plane in the morning. It was great being able to catch up with old teachers, friends and family.

It is hot here in Cambodia. I don’t even think “hot” can explain it. But I am blessed to have a fan and an air conditioner at home to get a good nights rest at night.

I was able to attend my home church on Easter Sunday and it was fabulous! I was in awe during the worship and the service. One of my favorite songs is “True Love” by Phil Wickham.. and Tim did a GREAt job leading that song on the 2nd floor.

During the service, our Pastor expressed how he went to Cambodia just the weekend before for a few days and went to visit the Steung Meanchey Municipal Landfill. It threw me off guard when he started talking about it. I didn’t expect it at all but it was so refreshing and definitely God’s way of showing me God is doing great work in Cambodia.. as much as I don’t see it when I am actually here!!

Yesterday, I attended the church here in Cambodia and it was different. It felt like a routine again, but I am praying and asking God to break me, teach me, and use me here during my last 7 weeks in Cambodia. This time coming back, I feel a little like I am ready to be home for the summer, but I know that God will continue to use me in the little time I have left. Even if I don’t see the fruits of it…

Here’s my encouragement for you today… God is using you to build a seed in wherever you are and whatever you are doing. It might take months, days, or even years to see the fruits of it and by the time it comes, you might not even see it! But it’s there so have faith and know that God is working… He is working and breaking-through in the countries of this world.

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