holiday so far

I arrived back in Hong Kong this past Saturday for a one week holiday, I only have two more days left… time does fly. Not all that sure what I did that last few days. Maybe thats the beauty of it, not doing much and just… relaxing.

this post is more for myself than anything..
here is a list of things ive done, ate or people i’ve met so far..

– Easter Service at ECC
– japanese food
– italian food, pizzaria
– seafood
– ate a lamb donar kebab at ebeneezers!! hung out with Cindy and Cherie
– played Wii
– fabulous sparkling white wine, cappuccinos, desserts and food at Tuscany in Lan Kwai Fong
– Armani bar and Sahara with Bowie
– an evening catching up with Coach
– caught up with the Carlsons
– movie theaters!! watched “Shinjuku Incident”
– watching videos online with the fast connection.. yay.. currently watching manU vs Porto game..
-hanging out at Tuscany after they close for the night

two more days of fun! i’m getting excited for the summer already

One thought on “holiday so far

  1. nanda says:

    hey i watched the man u v porto game as well! i was sitting in our coffee shop reading a book. but then i stopped reading the book and watched the game instead.

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