I woke up feeling draggy and did not want to work at all. for the first hour and a half or so after I woke up, I was complaining and complaining. A few hours later, I am feeling better, whether its the coffee kicking in I don’t know but i’m glad and thinking about everything I am thankful for! (these are not in order.. except for the first one)

1. God, His grace and the strength He provides me

2. Coffee and breakfast with Karie and Polly

3. Good kindergarten teacher.. makes me happy and feel at peace whenever I step in her classroom (though the class is not always peaceful!!) but it is a classroom without tension, fear and intimidation which is all I can ask for

4. Megan & her office where I can speak my mind, complain, refresh myself for the day, read the news online, laugh and take a break

5. a little bit of rain this morning.. though it is very humid now 😦

6. internet, email and skype where i can connect with my parents, friends, home

8.  friends here in cambodia.. mette, len, polly, megan, volleyball bunch…

7. a one week holiday in less than two weeks!! home!!

… will add more as the day goes on

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