a fun culture moment

This past weekend a friend and I went up to the Country side, it was gorgeous. The greenary, being able to walk around Kampot city. There weren’t much to do, but it was beautiful to just sit by the river and read a book- which is exactly what I did for part of the time! We dropped by the zoo on the way back to Phnom Penh and here’s a funny story that happened. Ok, well I think it’s funny anyways.

We were strolling around the zoo and walked by a lady with a dozen bananas. I didn’t think much about it until my friend stopped her and took two bananas out of her hand for us. They exchanged a few words to each other, laughed, and we went on our way. I was confused and a little thrown back from the whole situation. I laughed and asked my friend whether it was normal to just take bananas from strangers?? Don’t we have to pay for them? He nodded and laughed.

We would get punched if we did that in Hong Kong!

I kept on walking and smiled because I knew that was the exact reason the Cambodian people holds such a special part in my heart. They are so friendly, in fact, I don’t even think “friendly” is enough to describe how they are. They are able to strike up a conversation with each other in a matter of seconds though they have never spoken or seen each other. In otherwords, strangers.

They continue to make me laugh day after day, it’s pretty incredible.

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