Cambodogies, not Cambogies!

Cambodogies in Saigon Touch Tournament
Cambodogies in Saigon Touch Tournament

Within the blink of an eye, I am back in Phnom Penh, back at Logos and back at work Monday morning. It was a really short trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam but it was worth it. Though the bus ride both ways were a bit torturous, it was pleasent and very nice to get out of PP. When we arrived in HCM, I was quite shocked at the amount of street lights and the amount of night life they have instilled. Though, of course, it is not a fully developed place… it was still pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, I only ate local Vietnamese food the morning before we left but despite that, we had some good American food from bars and a tournament dinner at Pepperonis. There were a lot of restaurants and small local stalls where I could’ve ate at, if only I could eat all day and not get fat!

Saturday afternoon, we played 7 games against teams from Hanoi, HCMH and Bangkok. We all had a good time and in the words of the immortal Jack Gibson, Played Hard, Done Good. We finished on top of the table, undefeated after the round robin games, won the semi and came second in the final. By the time Finals came along, 80% of our team was injured, sitting on the floor resting ice on our many different injuries.

Tournaments are always tough, having to play games back to back, having to preservere through the hardships and not give up as worn out as we all were. We met different atheletes from all over, chatted, laughed and enjoyed each others company. One thing I enjoyed the most was being able to be with a group of people with the same passion for Rugby and Sports as myself. To be able to sit in a bar, watch a game, laugh and discuss the games. (Not letting our tire-ness drag us back to our hotel room….) After watching Six Nation games past Midnight on Saturday, we got home early morning Sunday for a few hours of sleep.

Sunday was a long day with the combination of traveling, the lack of sleep and for some, the aftermath of alochol. Nonetheless, traveling to Saigon, Vietnam for Touch Rugby tournament was something I did not imagine myself doing during my year here. With that being said, I would like to go back to Saigon to see the city, to have the time to walk around and admire the city when I am not rushed for time.

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2 thoughts on “Cambodogies, not Cambogies!

  1. We are happy to know that you enjoy your trip to HCM…you may want to reschedule anotehr visit before you return to HK…hope that’s work out….we may be going there in near future after hearing all the goodies from you.

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