Valentines day 09

Another year has come and gone, who would’ve thought I’d be in Vietnam for valentines day this year? V-day is over rated, with the amount of flowers and chocolate given to our special someone, and the ridiculous price you pay to buy those things! But it is also a great day to show someone you love just how much you care.

Not only to your special someone, but to friends in general. It represents love. When I think of Love, I think of nothing but the Love Christ have given us. No one can love us as much as God does and because of that, the love He is given us flows through us onto others.

This years valentine should be special, and no, not because I will be spending it with a guy, but because I am in Saigon… Vietnam and I will be playing a touch rugby tournament in the afternoon followed by a after party/dinner at night with the players. We play 5 games, and if we get into the finals… in total 6 games. each game is 20 minutes long, so it will be pretty tiring.

I’ll keep you updated when it’s all done and finished!

Nonetheless, life has been pretty exciting and the next few months will be great and sad at the same time as I think about coming closer to the day I leave Cambodia. But hey, life’s too short to think too much into the future.


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