“too much exercise”?

This weekend has been pretty incredible. I don’t think I have done this much exercise in one weekend (not including tournaments abroad) ever, let alone in Cambodia! I started off my Saturday with a 3-on-3 basketball tournament at school. I was in a team with two high schoolers and played a total of four games. We won twice and lost twice, ended up in 2nd place within 4 teams. Nonetheless, it was great to be in a tournament setting again. Immediately after basketball, I had about 30 minutes of rest then I had to head to the stadium for a Rugby game with the Lycee team (French school).

Though I was pretty exhausted by then, I was pumped for Rugby. Right when I saw the field, saw the ball, saw the tackles made on the field, I gained loads of energy back and knew that I was going to make some good tackles despite winning or losing. And that’s what I did. I stayed at the stadium for another hour or two after the game to watch the rest of the tournament games, it was very satisfying sitting in the stands hearing the crowds cheer for the teams. Makes me sad I won’t be able to attend the Sevens this year.

By the time I got home it was just before 6.
I rested and spent time with a few friends the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning, I woke up and decided I should write my newsletter because if I didn’t write it then, I would probably put it off for another week especially with my work out schedule these days. Spent a few hours working on it, finished it then decided maybe I should get some exercise for the day- even though I am very sore… everywhere. I met up with a friend and played some basketball at a local high school. It reminded me of  “Victoria Park”, except unlike HK with 6 courts next to each other… this was one basketball court with trees and fountains around the court… how nice!!

After basketball… volleyball time! We went to another area with a few fields for soccer, a basketball court, two sand volleyball courts and concrete area for people to play soccer or badminton. It was pretty incredible, but there was still grass around the area! Anyhow, there were about 12 people so we played 6 a side volleyball and it was quite a blast. I am not much of a volleyball player but I would definitely go play on a weekly basis.

Perhaps this might sound weird, but I am really loving all these sports and exercising I am getting.

Also had a great dinner at a colleague’s house to top off the weekend!

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