I read an interesting article

I was taking a break at work today and picked up the newspaper. I skimmed through the paper and read a few articles but this one in particlar stuck out to me. I don’t remember what the title was, but the one word that caught my attention was “Sweatshops.”

This author talked about how most of America and North America believes that Sweatshops are the worse place for people living in third world countries to be at but he thinks otherwise. He believes that sweatshops is not the reason for poverty, it is only a symtom of it. He has seen the large landfills, and he has seen the amount of families and kids who rampage through garbage in order to survive every day. Through interviews with some of these families who live on the dump, they found out that they see kids everyday who lose their life because they were ran over by the garbage truck that comes through daily.

For these people, working in a sweatshop would be a step up for them. They would be delighted to work in a sweatshop. The author brings out the message to encourage more factories in Cambodia and in other third world countries to allow more job opportunities for these individuals.

Who would’ve ever thought of that?

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