it just makes me happy

It’s incredible how satisfied and happy I feel playing rugby. I got a call during lunch asking me to bring my rugby kit down to the old stadium cause they’ve got a game for me. It was out of the blue, was not expecting it at all.. but I was stoked. Being able to change into my rugby gear, wearing cleats, running out onto the field knowing that I will tackle people with 110% energy and whenever I get the ball all I know to do is run, run and run… not caring who comes to tackle me down.

That feeling is quite free-ing. In fact, how we go through Life is similar. Run, Run and Run. If someone comes along and tries to knock you down, push them away and if you do get knocked down… get up and keep running! Why let them control you and keep you on the ground?

Even though the second game I played was extremely messy and unbearable, it was still unbelievably satisfying to be able to be on the field playing one of my favorite sports. On another note, besides Rugby, had a great day today catching up with friends here in Cambodia. It’s a good first day back from holidays, and I’m sure there are tons of work waiting for me in the classroom tomorrow.

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One thought on “it just makes me happy

  1. and then sometimes you get hurt and you’re forced to stop and take a look around you and figure out how you’re going to live differently now…

    keep playing without abandon, jo! but as you run run run think about where you’re headed.

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