a role model? not.


Somehow, as I was internet surfing this evening I came across this blog which describes the journey of a man who’s discovering what it means to be a unbeliever. One of his most recent entries is linked above. In short, the entry talks about a Pastor who was very abusive to his own son and believes the bible supports his actions. He is also known for rallying up his church to hold up protest signs at homosexual events that are very inappropriate and hurting to many.

Read it yourself, then come back and let me know your reaction.

It was painful to read the whole entry. Perhaps painful to think about the poor son who now suffers because of his childhood memories. Sure there are people out there who spank their children for disipline or hold up signs to support what they believe in. They are not excused. But as a pastor? The Pastor is the role model for the rest of the church community.

The sad thing is, there are plenty of “Christians” out there who are not too different from this pastor. This is the reason we are known as hypocrites. Sure we’re not perfect, but why would anyone want to be a Christian if this is the way they are going to be treated?

Just a thought.

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