Holidays are coming!

I’m getting really excited about going home. Friends are starting to arrive in HK one by one, and I can’t help but think about being back. Being able to walk down to stanley, hop on a bus to causeway bay or central and hang out… just like old times!

Yesterday, I got on webcam with my best friend who just got back to HK and got the chance to chat with her, and of course give her the chance to make me jealous! What made my day though, was the fact that by coincidence, we were both wearing grey and white stripped shirts. It was strange, freaky yet brilliant!

Unfortunately, I still have more than a week until I go home but it’s been pretty busy around here as well. The Christmas programs performed by both Elementary on Thursday as well as Middle school/High School on Friday went very well. The kids behaved well, and put on a good show. The middle school and high school choral group sang very well as well. The drama was questionable but it’s in the past now. I have uploaded videos of all the elementary performances on the link below:

I had a good weekend, more like a busy Saturday and a very lazy Sunday. We had a pot luck staff Christmas Party in the afternoon, with lots of food and dessert. Ate way too much but it was a good time to see all the staff out of the school setting, especially our Khmer staff including our cooks, cleaners and our gardener!I left early from the party and went to Touch Rugby for the third time. We had a good game, and I was amazed at how well I felt after I played. I didn’t feel like I wanted to die by the end of the hour compared to the first week I played. It’s incredible how fast you adapt and start to get back in shape. I had another Christmas gathering that night at “Grandma Peg”‘s house. It wasn’t a big party but we had people from all kinds of nationality. We had a great time singing Christmas carols, making jokes and having fellowship. As for Sunday, like I said… It was a  VERY lazy day.

This next week is the last week before holidays start. Good luck to everyone who has finals this week, whether they be in High school or university! Whether first grade will be busy or not, I’m not too sure but I do have to wake up at 5 in the morning on Tuesday to cover bus duty that morning! I’m not all that stoked about it… Praying for energy and strength. I’m sure no matter how tired I am, God will manage to get me through the day and through the week.

Ok. I’m counting now. 9 days!

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One thought on “Holidays are coming!

  1. jo, when do you get back? I will be gone from dec 23rd to jan 3rd, so hope i can see you!

    also, bad news: zahra says that sahara is going to have to shut down because of new smoking laws in hk…either that or stop serving shisha 😦

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