No, this post is not about jeans. well not technically. This last week and a half have been absolutely beautiful here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is the perfect weather. It has dropped raining, Thank God! And it has cooled down, especially mornings and evenings when the sun is hiding. 

Honestly, I have been wearing a jacket to work every morning, until I start running around.. but even then, sometimes I get the chills and I still put my jacket on! The best part is going out in the evening. Anytime after 5:30 or 6pm, it is dry and chilly out. I have been able to wear jeans without sweating all night! My friends and I would walk along the streets for about 15 minutes, and even then, we wouldn’t sweat a drop. 

Praise God. 

On another note,  Christmas is coming up, hard to believe I am going home in just less than two weeks.  It will be great to see Christmas lights all around the city, to be in the spirit and most of all, be able to see and catch up with friends who have been leading their own lives in different countries! 

I’ll see you all soon!

Side note… wordpress changed the “new post” layout! It’s pretty nifty.

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