Rugby in Phnom Penh

On Saturday, I got the chance to join a touch rugby social in the afternoon for about an hour. It was good fun! I was definitely out of shape considering I was out of breathe after less than 10 minutes. Touch is an intense sport.. you don’t get many chances to catch a breather at all. But it was a good work out and great to get my hands on a rugby ball again. 

What’s even more exciting is that I got in touch with a few guys who pretty much started up and runs the rugby union in Phnom Penh. I went to one of the stadiums today and watched one of the domestic games. I arrived early and was able to watch the little ones practice and play, then caught the first half of the mens 15 league. It was surprising and shocking to find out about such a big rugby community around here. 

I enjoyed being there at the stadium and getting to know these European guys who have been here for more than 10 years but it also felt very nerve-wracking. The fact that I might be able to play rugby here, and to play rugby (full on tackle rugby) after over half a year is a little scary! What adds to that nervous-ness is that I might be playing on a team for the French school where they will also not only know each other.. but they will be speaking French. 

Not all that sure what the plan is yet, but like I said, I might play for a team which would be exciting. I might keep going to Touch Rugby every Saturday. Who knows? But I will keep you updated! 

Who woulda thought I needed my rugby gear in Phnom Penh? 
(which at the moment is back in Hong Kong… that might be a problem)

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