No landmines

Sorry it’s been a while since I have written, I have been working on the newsletter this past week. Let me know if you didn’t receive a copy and you would like a copy.


I was sitting at dinner with one of my housemates last night and we got to talking about living in Cambodia and describing the experience to family members and friends. Though it is a third-world-developing country, it is a very unique place to live in. How often do you get to tell people “I lived in Cambodia, and didn’t get bombed by a landmine!”


Just kidding, first of all let’s get this clear; I live in the city of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. There are no landmines here and if there was, I’m sure they would have been exploded by now. Sure, if you go into the forest and run around like a bull chasing a red flag, you might just lose a leg or two.


Cambodia is not an easy place to live in. It’s hot, very humid and in general, it’s a developing country. Coming from a place like Hong Kong, one of the most technological advanced, developed cities where you can find almost anything you need in a matter of minutes, it’s challenging living here. But with that being said, I can adapt quite easily and not complaining too much about living here!


If you have been to Cambodia, imagine trying to describe Cambodian traffic, or lack there of. If there is one phrase to describe it, it’s that Cambodia traffic is real life frogger. The rule of the driving or biking in the traffic is to never stop. If you come to an intersection, you slow down to perhaps your slowest speed but you keep moving and weave through the traffic. It’s almost impossible to describe it! It doesn’t really matter which side of the road you’re on, as long as you get to your destination in the fastest way possible. Though it might all seem like a mess, the speed on the road is very slow. Most of the time, you would be able to jog along side of the drivers and keep up with them.


That’s all for now, more to come next time!


Final note: you know you’re sick in Cambodia when you’re wearing a Hoodie without the air conditioner or a fan blowing on you! 

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