Cambodia has beautiful beaches!

I know I know… you would have never thought. But it’s true! September 29th and the 30th are public holidays here in Cambodia and so we have a long four day weekend. Therefore, a bunch of colleagues and I decided to go to Sihanoukville, a famous beach area a few hours from Phnom Penh. We set off Friday after school hoping it would only take 3 hours, but with traffic and a short pit stop in the middle, it took 5 hours in total. The worse part is, we had 12 people in a van that would fit 8 people comfortably… so the ride wasn’t that great but it got us there!

The last two days, we have woken up pretty early and headed straight down to the beach. Spending the morning and half of the afternoon there… slowly head back to the hotel, relax and head to dinner. Haven’t done all that much otherwise. It has been raining quite a lot, including the first morning we went to the beach! But nonetheless, we made the most of it and swam in the ocean. More like, trying to catch waves and not get crushed by them. 

The beach that is right around our hotel is a nice beach, but am full of little girls and women trying to sell us bracelets, pedicures, manicures and even to shave our legs (with yearn!). As much sympathy as I have for these children, they really do know how to jack up the prices for foreigners… it’s a hard thing to deal with. Do you give them more money knowing they will waste the money on things they don’t need, or bargain till the end? 

Eitherway, the beaches are beautiful. I will upload photos once I get back to Phnom Penh. Sihanoukville is a very small town, you can get from one end to another in a car in about 15 minutes. Though it is beautiful during the day and I love going to the beach with my colleagues, it would be even better is someone would go out to the beach with me at night. Sit at one of the restaurants or bar by the beach, have a drink and listen to the waves crash. But instead, everyone is back at the guesthouse by 8 ready to go to bed. This is when I say… I want to go back to Hong Kong! 

Hope all is going well, write more in the next few days.

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