Birthday… I guess?

I figured I should write something because I haven’t written the past week. It’s been pretty busy, Jon was over this past weekend and that was great. It was nice to walk around aimlessly doing nothing, eating good food and enjoying the company. I really enjoyed showing him around and for him to be at the places I usually hang out at. Oh, and I was able to stay out not having to worry opening locks at my home gate or making sure my house mates don’t lock the door. Though I have to admit, it was quite strange sending him off at the airport. The weekend seemed to have flew by and we were both thankful we got to hang out. It was real. 

The night before my birthday, we ate a nice lebanese restaurant and spend 3 hours there, it was incredible. Funny how fast time flies, then we headed to a sports bar where we played pool and watched football for almost two hours.. until 1230am hit and the waitresses gave us the bill. The lights came on and it was time for us to go. They were closing the bar. Talk about lack of night life eh? Eitherway, it was a good night. Followed by the intercontinental hotel buffet breakfast the next morning. Ooooooh snap, that was a good breakfast. We stuffed ourselves and could barely walk afterwards. 

Sunday night, my housemates organized a surprise dinner for me. We had planned to have dinner as a house to celebrate but what I didn’t know was that they had invited all my other colleagues as well. We went to a nice Japanese restaurant- the first time I went for Japanese here. It wasn’t too bad! In fact, it was very tasty and I enjoyed my meal. 

And the celebration continues… Monday night, my khmer friends brought me out to a restaurant in a lake. It was a very local Khmer place on this lake Phnom Penh is planning to fill and build high rise buildings. Reminds me of the HK harbor, how unfortunate but in the end, that’s how cities develop.

Other than my colleagues and Khmer friends, my six year old first grade kids also drew me pictures and wished me happy birthday. They are very adorable and smart…. some way too smart for their sake. 


Ah and how can I forget, receiving two packages. One of them was a surprise, I had no idea it was coming and was very confused when I got this big letter bag. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. 

Either way, it’s been good and I’m looking forward to going to the beach this weekend with some of my colleagues for four days! I know you’re jealous.

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