Simple encouragements!

Everyone needs a simple encouragement every day, whether it’s something you say or do. The little conversations you might have with someone could make someone’s day and refresh them as they go through their week. 

There were a sequence of events today that made me quite cheerful by the end of the day. Firstly, I had the chance to have a short conversation with an 8th grader today. She is one of the girls on the Middle School basketball team that I assist on coaching. Because of my strange rash last week, I wasn’t able to be at the girls game as well as the practice on Friday and therefore, I asked how she was doing and such. 

She replied with words that really encouraged me and reinforced the reason I want to coach these girls and my relationship with them. “The team felt really empty last week, we all wondered who was missing.. you were the only one missing but it felt like the whole team was missing…. You are able to point out our mistakes and teach us individually” She said. It wasn’t one of those things that she said to make me feel good, I could tell she meant it and that really means a lot to me. 

Secondly, after school I had a meeting with the two teachers I work for as well as the principal. The meeting went well despite some glitches that might not have been talked about. Leslie, one of the teachers I work with has three daughters and they were all in the room. So after the meeting, I went and played with the youngest daughter, Mya, who is 4 years old I believe. 

I played puzzles with her and read to her on my lap. I was exhausted from the day but really treasured that time with her. At first, she was sitting next to me, but after the first book, she wanted to sit on my lap and she would hug me, kiss me and says “I like you” which is adorable! I am so excited to spend next weekend with her by the beach! 

After Mya left with one of her sisters and her father, Stephanie… the oldest daughter who is in 9th grade was still there working on her Chemistry homework. I was getting ready to leave but decided I will ask whether she needed help,  and she did. I sat down next to her and helped her figure her homework for the next 15 minutes, though it was a short time… I am glad I was able to help her. It made me smile to be able to help someone accomplish little things like homework. 

Finally, thankfully… I was able to have dinner with Florence one last time before she leaves tomorrow. It continues to amaze me the reason why personally, God brought Florence and Praise here to Cambodia, my first visitors. 

With that thought in mind, I have an incredible schedule these next four weeks with four friends from HK coming to visit, as well as a trip to the beach with my colleagues. Oh, how grateful I am to be only 2 and a half hours away from home, as well as to have friends who are able to visit. I am also stoked for the beach, spend some some quality time with my colleagues outside of school environment. 

God is amazing, almighty and indescribable. I pray that I can continue to be a witness to all those that I encounter during my time here, whether it be students, colleagues, friends or others I might not know. 

Humble yourself to the Lord and He will guide you in ways unimaginable.

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