Remember what first caught your heart

Praise and Florence are here for the weekend, my first visitors from HK. I started out the day, before going to the airport to pick them up, at a dim sum restaurant which was quite tasty. I walked in and everyone spoke Cantonese, it was like I forgot I was in Cambodia for a little while in the morning. 

In the afternoon, I was able to tag along with a friend I met here, and we brought Praise and Florence to Steung meanchey. It was very heart breaking going there again, my friend told me approximately 4000 families live on or around the dump. It was very good to go back, to remind myself what I first loved about Cambodia, what my heart was set on first. 

As Praise and I talked during dinner, we got onto the topic of being a missionary and what it’s like, as well as being in the education work world. I was reminded this evening that, no matter how busy I might be at school, I cannot be sucked into the small school bubble and only hang out with those people. I have to remind myself what first caught my heart and work with that. 

God is really trying to show me his burden for my heart this year. I believe He wants me to minister or encourage the local friends I already know and also to do service work outside of school. 

We sometimes tend to forget why we are doing what we are doing when we are having lots of fun or don’t feel like trying out the culture. It’s important to have that one thing your heart feels a burden for, and be that for your motivation in whatever you do. 

Time to discover yours!

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