Rugby and Hong Kong

One of my colleagues told me there was a rugby game tonight and it was showing at the Gym Bar, which is one of the only sports bar (according to the phnom penh drinking and dining booklet) in Phnom Penh. I don’t think any of my other colleagues really wanted to go, but I wanted to watch rugby and be in that atmosphere. I went to the sports bar earlier this week and loved it. So I decided to drag two colleagues with me and we went after dinner. (In which I had a great burrito)

South Africa VS. Australia. The Gym Bar was packed with Australians, yelling, shouting and cheering. We only stayed for the first half and I was standing the whole time because there were no seats. I loved the atmosphere, I loved watching rugby… but it made me miss home a lot and thought about home through out the night. 

First of all, I miss being able to walk into Sahara, give a hug to all the staff there and saying hi to the customers that I would know. It made me happy going there. I guess, not only Sahara but in HK in general… bumping into friends all over the place. There won’t be anywhere else in the world where you can’t really go out into the city without bumping into someone you know. As well as the atmosphere of Soho, where there are crowds everywhere, sports bar everywhere, hearing people cheer and go crazy. Though they might be a tad wasted.

Secondly, I miss rugby. Watching the game reminded me of the first and probably last rugby season that I will have. I miss being the scrum half, being the kicker of the team, making conversions and going crazy over my team mates doing the hulk. 

Girls, I know it’s been a while since our season but thanks for making it the best sports season I’ve had. Thanks for introducing the game to me and being the best team mates ever. Being able to laugh and cry together, celebrate wins and losses together. Cracking jokes on and off the field. Making fun of Tash and her future babies. Making fun of Mai and her japanese cuteness, and that HUGE girl she totally tacked down. Chloe and her lack of english speaking skills. I can’t even write down all of our crazy stupid fun intense memories. Way too many to count. 

But you girls introduced me to a new way of life. kind of. To all of you who are now in college, though our HKIS sevens girls rugby career is over, we have built amazing friendships that we will keep throughout our life. To the girls still playing at HKIS, have a great season. (Though it will never be as good as the last!) Train hard, play hard and make us proud! But most of all, have fun. We have to have a reunion next summer sometime. 

(I wake up every morning, look over my bed counter top, see the photo framed of us rugby girls at prom and smile!! It makes me day thinking about it)

Have a great rest of the weekend, 

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