Apologies, I haven’t had much time to write the last few days. By the time I get a chance to slow down and perhaps start writing, it was time to go to bed if I wanted to be even half awake at work the next day. 

I have kept myself busy and the Lord has provided friends as well as many event invitations. Though I don’t say yes to all of them because of the limited time that I have, it is a blessing knowing that they want to spend time with me and took care of me. 

Friday night was a crazy night for the weather in Phnom Penh. A few of my colleagues and I went to a mall to have Pizza Company and were going to go to a Logo’s teacher and staff dessert gathering afterwards. But the weather acted up, and it started pouring. It was flooding the streets up to perhaps about one and a half feet. Tuk Tuks were getting stuck on the street and some even walking trying to push their tuk tuk going. So plans changed and one of my colleagues and I decided to head to the boys home instead and spent some time with them… along with movie night! 

I even shock myself when I say I woke up at 5 AM on Saturday to go play soccer at the olympic stadium here in PP. I went with Tess, who is a colleague but also a close friend here, Vanny and Jonathan (two boys at the house). Vanny invited us and because it was his last day in town, Tess and I dragged ourselves out of the bed at 5:10 in the morning and went to play soccer. It was quite fun being out exercising that early in the morning and seeing hundreds of people also out at the stadium playing basketball, badminton, aerobics, or simply just running. 

The weather acts up very strangely here. One minute it can be beautiful blue sky with no clouds, and the next 5 minutes… it could turn to black clouds and starts pouring in the matter of seconds. I got caught in the rain a few times today. 

At the boys home last night, was a farewell and goodbye party for two of the boys who are heading off to Thailand for college today. We had a round table, popcorn style good bye where everyone was allowed to say a memory or something they appreciated about the two boys. The comments that were made were amazing. We felt the spirit of the Lord in the room watching over as each spoke. 

Throughout the night, I got to talk to people one and one and got to know some of them, the girls as well as the house parents of the boys home. I was very tempted to jump out of the conversation to hop into the basketball game, but I did not and am very glad that I had the chance to get to know them. 

It is pretty incredible watching all the boys play together, like family. Making jokes at each other and yet loving each other unconditionally. Though I have only been here for two weeks and hung out at the boys home just a few times, it has seemed like a home away from home. and I’m very thankful for that. And because of that, I look forward to getting to know all of them better (the girls included) through this year.

On a side note, when I said I was going to head home after the party, long story short… about a little less than 10 guys walked me home. I felt very safe and it was good fun. Perhaps a little too much testosterone for one night though. 

Sunday, I went to church, hung out at the boys house and said my goodbyes to the two boys heading to college in Thailand and the rest of the afternoon was very relaxing. Vannak, Rind and I went swimming at a hotel by the riverside. It was very much needed and oh so nice. 

And here’s another week starting…. but looking forward to this weekend!

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One thought on “Weekend

  1. Very glad to heard your stories about last week stay in Cambodia. We are very happy that you get to know and acquainted with your friends quickly and feel like home, though both of us miss you in HK. I will have lunch with Joh today. looking forward to hearing about more stories of this week.

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