Impressed by Beijing

I’m in Cambodia at the moment… but yes we do have televisions, if you were wondering. I tagged along with a friend to her friends house to watch the opening ceremony. August 8th, 2008.

I have to admit, I didn’t really relate the date to the opening of the olympics until today. That is pretty sweet. Not only that, the ceremony definitely blew me away. The lighting, the synchronization of all the performances, the creativity, the amount of work that must’ve been put into making this one of the best opening ceremonies.

Though with that being said, once they started introducing each country and the team walked out… I started to doze off. I got quite sleepy and in general, bored. It was necessary to introduce all the teams but lasted way too long. Not something I would sit and watch again.

I am very impressed with the result that Beijing has worked so hard to achieve. I’m proud to be Chinese, and to be a part of the growing country that is gradually taking over. China has spent the most money on those 4 hours than any previous olympic opening ceremonies. I am curious to know what the comparison is to pervious years.

During the night, someone asked “Why is it the security so tight to get into China? Why don’t they want anybody to get in? Wouldn’t it be great for tourist attraction?” which lead to a conversation with my parents. Beijing, China… already has such a huge population that they don’t exactly need tourist to come in. There are many people who come into Beijing from the different provinces just a few hours away.

Olympic being held in Beijing, for China, is not so much trying to attract tourist to come to Beijing… but perhaps is a chance and a way to show the rest of the world what China is capable of. And they did exactly that.

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One thought on “Impressed by Beijing

  1. yeah i agree with you. it was great. it was inspiring, and just absolutely awesome. i am pretty proud too. at times it was touching, and could have brought me to tears had i not been eating dinner and doing other thingsa t the same time. cheers,

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