perhaps a little redundant

Every time I sit down on my computer with my packing list on my screen, my mind goes blank. Am I trying to avoid packing? perhaps. but sometime this week, I will try and do all my packing and the last week in town, I will probably be living out of a suitcase.

I haven’t really spent time writing on wordpress in a while. It’s not because I don’t want to, but when I have time to sit down and write- I’m not sure what all to write. I don’t want to be redundant and talk about how much I will miss HK and my friends here. But lately, that’s all that’s been happening.

I had to chance to meet up with some old friends the last week, and it’s been nice catching up. I have noticed that I tend to enjoy and spending one on one time with people more than a big group. I tend to stay very quiet when I’m with a group, but talk and open up more when I am with someone individually.

For the last three weeks, I have been working as a Teacher Assistant for R2 day camp every morning. I wasn’t very stoked before I started but it has been a good three weeks and I have gotten to know the kids in the class. It’s been a preparation for Cambodia for me. I have realized I enjoy working with kids and taking care of them.

I’ve had the chance to observe many types of kids through the last three weeks, some extremely shy and quiet, some continously bouncing off the walls, and some that are in between. There are two little boys that could be considered as “trouble makers” and that’s what we called them the first week or so. But as time passed by, I’ve noticed they both have very unique characters.

Arnold, is 6 years and 7 months old, as he would tell you. He doesn’t listen well in class, he has an attitude when you try to talk to him, and is very easily irratated. When we give him a “Time Out”, we make him sit at the side and draw. Not knowing that is exactly what he likes to do. At the end of the class every day, he would have a full page of “Doreamon” a japanese cartoon character. He draws out of stratch but it is absolutely astoning. I will put a picture up as soon as I am able to.

Anthony, 7 years old I believe, is the same in class. He has trouble listening and sitting still. He walks around the hall by myself and ignores us when we tell him to go back to class. But he is like an older brother to the students in the class that are younger than him. He is willing to give up swimming time to take care of a boy who didn’t want to swim. He tries to play with the older kids during break time, but of course, ends up getting hurt for some reason and then would sit in the side and “pretend” to cry. It’s great. I think he is going to be one that ends up growing up to be all macho and tough on the outside, but will have a very sweet and soft heart. Oh and on a side note, he gives the best hugs.

These are only two of the many sweet, adorable yet annoying kids in my class. OH kids.

Like a peacork baby.

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2 thoughts on “perhaps a little redundant

  1. Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peacork, baby.

    Liz: That’s great Tracy but it’s peacock.

    Tracy: What I say?

    Liz: Peacork.

    Tracy: Peacock. Think peaCOCK. Right, Jenna?

    In 3, 2…

    Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peaCOCK, baby.

    Liz: Okay. That time I think you may have hit it a little bit too hard. Also can you throw Jenna’s name in there for me?

    In 3, 2…

    Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. Right, Jenna Malvangany?

    Liz: Maroney, rhymes with baloney.

    In 3, 2…

    Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peacock. Right, my baloney?


    In 3, 2…

    Tracy: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan. I’m black NBC. Very proud, like peacocks. Right, Janet? … I think we got it! I think we got it!

    Jack: Yep, I think we did.

  2. ok i’m leaving a real comment now, that was fun to type. but i just have to say that the more i think about how fast this day has creeped up, i don’t want to admit that i am going to lose one of my best friends (under 20). but frankly, you will be going on an amazing journey of faith, and of learning. and i would have it no other way. i think you are going to do great things, and i am proud of you immensely. i love like you’re my real sister, and yes i will visit you a few times hopefully. yay! travel time.


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