Exactly one month

In percisely one month, Hong Kong will no longer be where I live. It will always be home but it will merely be a vacation whenever I come back- at least for the next five years. That’s a scary thought. Every day, as I walk through Hong Kong, watch as the skyline go by when I’m on the bus, I can’t help but think what it would be like when I leave.

Many of us have left and gone our own ways for the summer, saying good-bye doesn’t seem so bad when we know we will see each other during the summer. But the hard part is saying good-bye to Hong Kong. The skyline, the night-life, the hardest roads to drive on. Family, relatives, friends I have known for the past few years, friends I just met the last few months. I don’t know where or how to start saying my farewells.

I’m not exactly sure how I am feeling about it all, but I do know that this month is going to fly by. Especially  because starting next week for the next three weeks, I will be busy during the day. Who-ever I meet up with, it might very well be the last time I will see you  before I leave. I have to start thinking about packing, start thinking about whether I need to buy anything and just preparing in general- physically and mentally.

Having said that, I am still finding loads of time for myself and my friends. I have been meeting friends for lunch, coffee during the day, working out, dinner with the family, and possibly meeting more friends after dinner for a movie or a drink. I’m really enjoying what I do at the moment, trying to savor the good moments, make the most out of the best night life in Hong Kong.

I love Hong Kong. I wouldn’t have asked to grow up anywhere else.

I love my friends. You know who you are.

God’s been really challenging my thinking and my thoughts. But i am grateful for the friends that I could talk to about the challenges. He allows me to be scared and nervous one minute, then the next minute, I could feel his comfort through his words.

Not sure where else I’m going with this post….


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One thought on “Exactly one month

  1. I still remember last year when I was leaving for Purdue. It really was hard to say goodbye to the majority of my friends, but what kept me going is knowing I’ll see them again. Hong Kong is more than a friend to me, and same for you. I was born and raised in Chicago for the first 4 to 5 years of my life, but I’ve spent over a decade in Hong Kong. I can’t exactly define “home” but I know Hong Kong means a lot to me. Don’t worry too much about spending 5 years somewhere else. Treat it as an experience to get to know yourself more and bond with other cultures and people out there. You’ll come back to Hong Kong, meet your friends, eat the fabulous food, see family, and visit HKIS.

    Just know that everyone has to go through something similar, and know it’s another step in life.

    Take Care,

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