Not feeling very inspirational

Blah Blah Blah.

As the title so clearly says, I’m not feeling very inspirational at the moment but yet I really wanted to write an entry. I will probably just write random thoughts because that’s the way I am feeling at the moment.

Typhoon 8. Kinda sucked but it wasn’t bad.
Cab ride to Central with 3 strangers.
I got my ears pierced!
I love going to lunch with friends.
Staying up late is fun.
I miss the beauty of Fiji. My Sonalevus.
I need to exercise… I’m getting a belly.
Kickboxing training is intense.
Lemonade Tequila!
Hopefully the rain will go away tomorrow.
A little more than 1 month until Cambodia.

Is everything set? I’m nervous…
I’m going to miss HK.
No more HKIS! That is kind of sad…
Cambodia lacks night life, enjoy it now!
BUZZZZ. buzzzz. Mmm.
The secret to Life. LOA.
What you think, you will attract.
You make me smile and all giddy.
I want to make my tan line even worse.
Sun Sun, Come back out!
Lots of love. Lots of hugs.

I could probably go on forever…. but I’ll stop myself. That has got to be the most random post I have ever written on wordpress. Sorry about that. It’ll improve. I promise. Either way, I hope you got a little insight to my life lately.


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5 thoughts on “Not feeling very inspirational

  1. i miss fiji too
    and i miss you
    and i miss hkis just because of rugby and friends
    and and AHHH
    isn’t it so surreal that everything is slowly ending and a whole big bunch of new things are slowly beginning. it certainly is a new chapter and there certainly are many thoughts.

  2. 😦


    and yes.. u are quite tan πŸ™‚ altho – i’m curious to see how much tanner u can get…

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