Road tragedy

18 Dead. 44 Injured.

Mostly Elders.  Heading to a church event.

That just blows my mind. One of the biggest traffic accident in the last five years occurred this morning in Sai Kung. A bus holding 62 passengers overturned after driving at a very fast speed down a slope road section. All the dead passengers were female. Many of the passengers were trapped for hours because of the way the bus crashed. You won’t believe it until you see a picture, go check out the news online.

It took them three hours to get all the passengers out of the bus. There were at least 10 ambulances, 1 helicopter at a nearby sports court, fire fighters, policemen, investigators, and many more. Passengers were brought to over 5 different hospitals. When I heard about it on the bus over to KCC, I didnt’ think much of it. The news was also mentioned during lunch, but it didn’t fully hit me until I was running on a treadmill and turned to the news channel.

By then, it was almost 5:30PM. And they were Just starting to clear out the truck, at least the top of the truck that had fallen apart. By about 6 to 6:30PM, the whole scene was cleared. It took a full 9 hours. That’s insane.

Watching the different clips that was shown on the news made me cringe. It was heart breaking watching the passengers slowly being pulled and carried out of the bus, those who were only had minor injures were greatly affected emotionally. A clip of a little kid, perhaps 6 years old, was brought to the hospital because he was mentally affected.

Just before I went to the gym, just before I saw all that, I was reading a book called “Duplicate This” By Andy Braner. The chapter I read mentioned leaving a bible study, or leaving church not feeling like you know everything or that you are fulfilled- but instead, left with questions and wonders. While watching this tragedy, I had a question that many many people ask. Christians and non-Christians.

Why would God let these things happen?

Sure, God has a reason behind all things. He doesn’t create these tragedies but he allows them to happen. But the thought of having more than 50 elders either dead or greatly injured because the driver might be speeding, or whatever the cause was, is unbelievable.

I give my heart out to all these affected. The passengers, the families and relatives that are related to them, and acquaintances that know them. I pray that they will soon have a sense of peacefulness, I pray that they will seek God’s love and protection. I pray God will work in His ways through this tragedy. The more I think about it, the more I’m left speechless, the more I ponder.

Trusting In Christ,

Published by Joanne Lam

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One thought on “Road tragedy

  1. it’s hard to believe that!i dont know may be a challenge
    from God!Show that we should have more prepare for every challenge from God, we might not know!let’s pray for them!!may be i say it wrong , just the feeling from me~~

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