His soundtrack

How often do we think about ourselves? Our life? How often do we think about how our lives fit into the story of the world? The story of God? Some of us star in our own “tiny” story that only lasts for so long, but some of us has a role in the greatest story, where the star is God, his forever-lasting story and unfolding drama.

The soundtrack of the people of God.

Every day is one day closer to spending a year in Cambodia. I received an email that takes me one step closer. I have a couple of issues to sort out but once that is done, It will all be set. God continues to amaze me by showing and bringing me all these friends in Cambodia who are willing to do whatever needed to help me get settled, help me feel less anxious. That brings me to my surprise of the day..

I received an email from a friend I met during Interim last year. He worked at the school that our interim worked with, so we saw each other every day and spent some time together. I haven’t talked to him since Last March and today, I came home to a pleasant surprise. He offered me advice in preparation for Cambodia, he offered help whenever I needed, and simply, emailed to let me know he would be avaliable if I had any questions, a friend I could depend on.

It amazes me how God connects all the dots around me. He puts people in my life and through them, He shows His love and grace for me. Other things might not be going well, but there is one thing I can depend on- God is showing me His plan for me step by step. It’s like he’s telling me the most important thing right now is to focus and pray about my year of service in Cambodia, everything else is secondary.

This reminds me of the small part I partake in the Big Story of God. I might be courages, and according to others, I might be the “STAr” of my life, but nothing compares to what God has done for us. What a star he is. It excites me to be one of the many characters God’s created in His story. Looking forward to what He’s got set for me.

What kind of story are YOU in? Which road are you walking on?

I’m sorry this entry have been a little out of order, jumping everywhere. I’m quite exhausted but I needed to get it out before I delay and don’t end up writing anything!

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