Life as we know it,

Have you ever had days where you just needed a good worship time?  Where you felt you needed to be surrounded by your brothers and sisters but for some reason, didn’t have to chance? Perhaps. This past Sunday, I had something important to do and didn’t have time to catch even worship for the second service, unfortunately. I had to go get my ankle checked up, which I’m glad I had done. Fortunately, it’s just a sprain and nothing more but it is still big, fat, swollen and purple- very attractive!

When I realized I couldn’t make it to second service, I wasn’t disappointed but I felt I had needed a spiritual lift. I never realized, until Sunday, how important church was to me. It made me realize that I wasn’t going to church just because I was in the habit of going, nor was I going because of the friends I had there, I go to church weekly because I want to be. Because of the comfort I felt being able to stop for two hours, sing praises to the Lord and listen to the word of the Lord.

When I was young and had to go to a Chinese Catholic church with my family frequently, I always dreaded it, because of various reasons. Maybe because I didn’t understand it, maybe because of the environment but I had always gone because I “Had” to. Thinking about the past reminds me of how comfortable I feel being at ECC.

I have found my HOME church in Hong Kong.

As to my plans for the next few years, I have just sent a confirmation letter over to Cambodia finalizing my decision to work at the international school for my gap year. Though I don’t have my spot in college fully “secured” yet for the Fall of 2009, I trust that it will work out the way it’s suppose to, the way it’s planned. I worried the last few weeks about the school not allowing the gap year, but each day has worries of itself, I’m leaving it up to God- knowing He has it all planned out.

My thoughts a year ago of spending a year of Cambodia is soon to be reality, it excites me but I won’t deny that it scares me. Being by myself for so long for the first time in my life, taking care of my own expenses, etc. Thankfully, I have amazing friends, colleagues and a great church in Cambodia who will be able to take care of me and help me get settled.

A little less than four months, sounds like a life time but I know it will come just when I think life is starting to slow down. Soon begins a New Adventure. Thanks for the many thoughts and prayers.

Praise GOD!

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