A little more than 30

The end of High School is becoming more and more apparent to me as each day goes by. Senioritis has kicked in, I don’t have to work in many of the classes and days are generally easier. At times, even boring but what else can I ask for?

My senior project group have decided that we should start working, sometime soon. Hopefully we can get a great documentary done and would even be able to show it around the world. A year ago, when I was thinking about senior projects, I would have never thought about going to Cambodia with two friends to film a documentary, but we pulled it together and it was one of the best experiences.

I sent in my request letter of deferral to Loyola Marymount University in LA just last night. All I can do now is to be patience and wait for them to get back to me. Once they do, and hopefully it’s good news, I will be half way set to spending a year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

There are a little more than thirty school days left of my high school career at HKIS. That’s an incredible thought, not being able to walk the stairs of hs, not being able to drop by the office for lunch, not being able to go to the Dragon Shop for candy. I will miss it, but being able to attend HKIS since 3rd grade has been an honor.

We are starting to move on to a totally different part of life, Are you set? Have you started saying good-byes? Perhaps a little too early, but think about this- Have you started to fully enjoy yourself? Knowing that in a months time, it will all be over.

Enjoy yourself, don’t stress out the last month of high school.

If you are stressed, take a walk on the beach, listen to the waves, to the ocean, watch the trees sway from side to side, and listen to the nature’s comfort.

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