Cambodia with the Parents

About Five days ago, on Thursday, My parents and I woke up early in the morning and headed to the airport. I was bringing them to a place I love, to people that I adore and to friends that have impacted me in ways I cannot describe. It was a deciding trip for my future in the next year. Honestly, I was pretty nervous. What would they think? Would they approve?

All the nervousness, all the anxiety left when I got to Cambodia. Suddenly, I knew and was sure that He will take care of everything. A voice in my head was telling me everything will be alright, and that as long as I am following Him, everything will come as planned.

They had a chance to meet all my friends, to meet the kids at CCH, to visit a few of the historical sites and most importantly, visited Logos International School and was able to gain more of an understanding of Cambodia. We were only in Cambodia for two full days, and two half days, but we did a ton.

Visiting Logos International was very helpful, and only comfirmed my desire to teach at Logos. I would only be a Teacher Assistant but that will already be overwelming with First Graders. They have a strong staff community, a strong Christian community and the girls that I would be living with are very friendly, the house is great too! All the girls are at least first year or second year out of college, so I will definitely be a few years younger than the youngest staff but that will only make me stronger.

We had a chance to drop by CCH on the last afternoon, and the kids loved it! Because Mr. Sokha wasn’t there when we first got there, I was a little afraid that we would be sitting there waiting and the kids would be playing by themselves. But we went up to the library, and not long after, we all started talking, learning about each other and getting to know each other. They are so eager to learn and to get to know you. Some might only have started learning English the past year and am now fluent, at least way better than some I know that have learned for years.

kids CCH

They really enjoyed my parents company and I believe vice versa. These kids are smart, they just don’t get the opportunity to shine. And CCH does just that, CCH allows them education and some have the opportunity to go overseas (Japan) for scholarship to study for a few months. Maybe because they don’t get much connection with outside, once we walked in, they held our hand and would not let go. Many of them kept coming up to us and wrapping their arms around us.

We also had a chance to attend a very special occasion, Vannak’s step- grandmother’s birthday at his step-aunt’s house. It is by the country side, and the house is huge! A front yard, back yard, trampoline, swings, hammocks, everything you can think of. Every day, we had great meals, great chats, laughed, joked, made fun of Grandma and got to know each other. My parents even got a few massages in between the craziness of the days.

I got to see everyone again, all the girls, Seila (waiting for you to come to HK this summer!), all the boys. I got to go to Open Gate Church Fellowship on Sunday morning. Though I didn’t understand the sermon, which was in Khmer, it was a great refresher. My friend translated some through out the sermon. It was a reminder that no matter what we own materialistically, no matter what status we have, we all have one thing in common- God.

After church, the Pastor of the church wanted to speak to me. Vannak helped us translate. It was amazing to hear what he said. He thanked God for bringing me back, for my love for the people in Cambodia, he prayed that when I go, I would feel at “home” when I go to Open Gate. Hearing that, it only confirmed again God’s plan for me and the reason why He put me in Cambodia.

This trip not only allowed my Parents to gain a better understand of Cambodia, to connect with my friends, but it also allowed me to connect with them on a different level. To have them understand why it is I enjoy Cambodia so much. I owe Grandma Peggy and Vannak a whole bunch, they were with us almost every moment of the day, helped answered lingering questions, and allowed my parents to feel comfortable every where we went.

Tuk Tuk

We are all exhausted from the last few days and I am even a little sick, but I would not exchange anything to take back the last four days. Lots have happened and I can only pray for God to continue showing this exciting road He has put forth for me.

Thanks for all the prayers.

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