Gold Coast.  Gold Coast! that’s where I ended up for dinner with family.  And there were no young people there.  However having said that there is no denying what a good goose can do for the human psyche no matter how little they desire to be originally.

However I can say with complete honesty now, that I have most likely, inadvertently made myself look presumably like Juno, on account of all the food I have eaten over the last two weeks.  Between Japan, Rugby Sevens, and today’s dinner I feel like I should be carrying a baby in the joyous belly that is developing under my sweatshirt.

Having said that, I am sure that people in restaurants think I am eating for two, for the amounts of food that I have been consuming anyway.  I really have to go back to the gym.  But I am leaving for Cambodia soon, and I wonder if the heat there, coupled by my ability to slack off will help me lose weight.  I am bend.

Cambodia, will be my make or break day this weekend.  After going there, I will finally find out whether I can live my dream of spending a year there, serving God and the Cambodian people.  Hopefully i will be a good representative, of the school, my family, and God.  Mom and Dad are gonna hop along for the ride, and hopefully this experience for them, will allow them to make the decision to let me go.

Seeing a little bit of you at your office was kinda cool.  The siu mai was also a wondeful experience today.  But sadly there is never enough time in the world to do all the things I want to do.  Having said that though, I am at a period of transition.  At a time where decision that I make will affect my future to great and vast lengths.  But at the same time, truly inspire me and take me to new heights.

I will be graduating from High School in a few months, and the anticipation of what is to come, is going to eat me until I do.  Till that day, we meet again, when we are all 28 and at the reunion and Jon is still hanging on at 38.


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