Rugby Sevens Fijian style


It was so good to hear Fijians say that again. To be with Fijians this past weekend was great. On Thursday, I managed to get in touch with Morgan by going to the Football Club to look for him at the Hong Kong Tens. At the same time, met the rest of his friends and his team mates. Friday night, we planned a interim dinner with Morgan and he bought along his cousin, Max. Everyone except for one was able to make dinner, we had two tables at Jade Garden and ate some good Chinese food! After dinner, a couple of us went and had a drink somewhere and had a good time hanging out with each other again.

Interim reunion
Max and some of  us

This weekend was also the famous Rugby Sevens at the HK stadium. This year’s sevens was different for me than the years before. The years before I was always at the North stand with my friends in the grade above me, but this year they weren’t here. Many of my friends sat up on the Top West stand but I decided to drop by the bottom west, and see if the Fijians were around. I went early Saturday afternoon, saw Max, so I sat next to him and ended up staying there for the rest of the day. Later on, Jon came and joined me with the Fijian crowd, it was awesome. Great seats, great view and great crowd.

Two of the boys and I left after the second last game, and slowly walked back to the hotel at Happy Valley. On the way back, They were saying Bula to everyone on the streets, everyone in the shops, and giving high fives to kids who just happened to pass by. It felt like home, being with them and being reminded of their kindness, fiji time, and saying Bula to everyone that passes by! I walked with a smile on my face.

Shortly after we got back to the hotel, all the other boys started arriving back at the hotel, as well as other people who I didn’t know before. They started to get ready the Kava for the night, while we sat there patiently waiting. At first, I would be afraid it would be awkward if they all just talked in Fijian and I just sat there, but I met many new friends that night. Sandr from Germany who now lives in Kuwait who played for the Women’s sevens. Milu from Fiji who got a scholarship to Japan to study Japanese as well as Civil Engineering. Found out one of the boys spoke Mandarin. Api who now works in Malaysia, and many more. It was amazing to talk to all of them and learn about their life, and joke around.

Who would’ve thought I’d ever be drinking Kava with Fijians who live all over the world in Hong Kong??

Some of the boys, Sandra and Milu

I woke up early Sunday, went to church for worship then headed over to the Sevens. I was able to get in touch with Sandra and quickly found her and we both found a seat at the same area. We chatted, we watched rugby, and enjoyed the company. Through out the day, some friends popped by to say Hi, i went up to the top west for a short while, and the Fiji boys hopped around the Stadium. But in the end, luckily found seats around the same area. I didn’t get to see some of them, but is unfortunate but sevens is not a good place to find people!

At one point, I was sitting next to a Fijian who happened to work in Hong Kong now! He is a pilot and works for Cathay Pacific. We got to learn a lot about each other, joked around and even met his girlfriend who works for JP Morgan in Hong Kong. Whipped out some of my Cantonese and talked to her for quite a while. Never knew there were so many Fijians all over the world. I will have to hunt for more of them around HK.

Fiji boys
Some of the boys and I in front of the stadium

Walking back from the Stadium back to causeway was a blast. They bursted out in songs and entertained the streets. They were not drunk, they are just cheerful people who enjoy singing and praising their nation.

This weekend was special, I made a lot of new friends, hang out, smiled, laughed, watched rugby and enjoyed being with the Fijians. A once in a life time experience, a great way to end the Last Sevens of my high school career. I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to see any of these people again, let’s hope so.

I am heading to Cambodia this Thursday for the weekend, I am bringing my parents there, to look around and most importantly look at the school that might be a possibility for a gap year next year. Please pray that God will open my parents heart, to shine on them, pray that God continues to work in me and show me his plan for me. Though I am slightly worried, I know God has it all planned out for me. It will be a special trip, really looking forward to it.

Definitely missing the cheerfulness of the Fijians and the crazy atmosphere of the sevens already!


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