two eight

There goes another year. There goes my last Christmas holidays in High School. Extended family from Toronto have been in town for almost a month now, they are here for another week or so. This holiday has consisted a lot of family gatherings and dinners.

I didn’t have quite the perfect holiday or the best one, but it was great to see friends and catch up. Although I didn’t get to see everyone I would like to see and time is flying by. Family has taken over and I didn’t get much of my own time and when I did, others weren’t very happy about it but I had to take it. Though it is nice to have guests in the house, I am really looking forward to having my room and some quiet time every day.

The only trip I took was to Macau for two days and two nights. We traveled with 15 people so it was a hassle getting around and we only went to the tourist areas. But thankfully, I was able to go to walk across the street to a friend’s house when I needed a break. I enjoy Macau, although it’s getting more populated with the new built casinos, there are many places to sit and look out into the ocean and chat. Those are the places I would die for. The quiet, the view and the person sitting next to me to talk to.

I really enjoyed the times I was able to go out and see friends. There is something about friends I don’t see very often, when I see them, I feel free to tell them almost everything that’s happening because they are not around the same environment as I am- perhaps I feel more comfortable. Maybe it’s the same theory with my older friends.

 two thousand and eight, Beijing Olympic, graduation, deciding what I want to do for the next few years. Every since years ago, we have said “the class of 2008” and now it has arrived. There are still much to do before we graduate, but by the time we know it, it will be May.

Work hard, set some new years goal but most of all, take time out every day and spend some time with friends. If you don’t make the effort, months will go by and you have no idea what you did with all those time.  I’m not quite sure where the last 17 years have gone, but I am looking forward to a new stage in life. There will be challenges and frustrations but do what you enjoy and it will all be worth it!

In these last six months, we can choose to avoid attachments and thus, avoid heart breaks, or we can be courageous, be risky and make the most out of it because the joy you receive will be much greater than any pain you feel.

Off to the last stretch of High School.

Happy New Year.

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